KSE Studio


ksestudio is an award winning architectural design practice based purposefully and simultaneously in New York, London and Athens, led by Sofia Krimizi and Kyriakos Kyriakou. The prefix kse- (greek ξε-) stands for un- / de-, expressing the opposition to the normative condition of a fixed architectural practice. ksestudio explores its multiple locations in order to address different cultures and audiences and experiment with a range of design mediums.
We build, we teach, we research, we travel.

Our projects operate in all scales and formats, from furniture to urban design, always willing to insert themselves within a lineage of practice in conversation with architectural theory. Our work is explicit, idiosyncratic and daring allowing us to expand and hybridize our experience and expertise: from the constraints of the New York zoning resolution to the complexity of intervening in a protected archaeological site.

We are making great things: a seaside hotel in the Aegean, a work-live space in Athens, an off-the-grid camping site in Serifos, a very big table in New York, a perforated projection screen in Philadelphia. We believe in a dialectic production of architecture, design is not the work of a single author, it takes at least two. We take pride in the diversity of our clients, private or corporate, spreading across Europe and the United States. We have exhibited our work at the Venice Biennale, the Storefront for Art and Architecture and the Museum for the City of New York, amongst other places. The website catalogues our work: a hotel, a loft, a co-working space, a school, an exhibition, a book, a bed.


Architecture and Interiors

We have particular experience in residential and hospitality projects in New York City but also a design fascination for all scales and programs. We collaborate with a strong team of engineers, consultants and quality control agents to assure excellency in our work following through all the design and construction phases, as well as all permitting processes with New York City agencies such as Department of Buildings (DOB), Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) and Department of City Planning (DCP).

Furniture & Object Design

We like experimenting with objects and furniture either as highly customised pieces inscribed in larger projects or independent studies for commercial products and art installations. Generated in the intersection between use and icon our furniture and objects attempt to redefine everyday habits and user perception.

Event & Experience Design

The architecture of the event is very much part of our practice discourse. With experience in creative direction we have organised and designed festivals, pop ups, screenings, pavilions, customised parties and dinners. We are really interested in the ephemerality of the event as a unique design condition.

Architecture Consultancy & Design Advisory

We provide design advisory to clients that seek an incisive look into their ongoing projects or a thorough analysis for their project planning. With great experience in residential and hospitality building standards and zoning regulations in New York City we can provide feasibility studies, pre-design analysis and peer review services for a diversity of projects.



studied architecture at the National Technical University of Athens graduating with honors in 2008. She earned a Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation of Columbia University in New York as a Fulbright scholar. Sofia has worked for various offices including Steven Holl Architects in New York, Ateliers Jean Nouvel in Paris and Grafeio 405 Aris Zambikos in Athens before founding ksestudio with Kyriakos Kyriakou. She has taught design studios and research seminars at Pratt Institute, the University of Pennsylvania, the Cooper Union, Cornell University, the Bartlett and KU Leuven. She is currently a PhD candidate at the Architectural Association.





studied architecture at the National Technical University of Athens graduating in 2008. He earned a a Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation of Columbia University in New York as a Themistocles Varangis scholar. Kyriakos has worked for various offices, before founding ksestudio with Sofia Krimizi, including Ateliers SOA in Paris and ODA in New York as an associate project director, leading 100 Norfolk Condominium, 51 Jay Street Conversion, and Hunters Point South housing project. He has actively participated in academic reviews, seminars and studios at Pratt Institute, the University of Pennsylvania, Cooper Union and Cornell University and he has taught as a Visiting Faculty at University of Miami.