Museum of Art, Lima, Peru, 2016

A seemingly hidden object so as not to disrupt the view to the 19th century “Palacio de la Exposicion”, home of MALI (Museo de Arte de Lima) since the 1960’s, the museum extension oscillates between the foreign and the familiar. “Museum street” proposes the organization of the extension of MALI along the axis of a submerged street, connecting “Park de la Exposition” to the adjacent subway hub and the “Museos Park” across the street. “Museum street” operates both formally and typologically as an urban condenser that allows MALI to interact with the flow of pedestrians, becoming an integral part of the city life.

The new street, placed 6 meters below grade, but open to the sky and the park, operates as an open air gallery, a connective civic space, as well as an atrium that brings light and air to the programmatic areas also placed below grade. Public art is suspended above the street introducing a new array of viewing opportunities whereas a number of events, projections and performances can take place on the street.

The arched window of “Palacio de la Exposicion” is replicated to become a regulating factor for light penetration across the new building creating a rhythm for light and interaction between interior spaces and exterior “street”/ gallery.

Sofia Krimizi, Kyriakos Kyriakou with Emma Pfeiffer