Fast food restaurant, Athens, Greece, 2020

The design of this small eatery at the south suburbs of Athens revolves around the application of one basic material, a cheap concrete brick most commonly used in brise soleil panels. The brick is used both structurally and as a 3-dimensional veneer that organizes the long bar and the eating corridor. Colored stucco is applied between the concrete bricks which again operates both as a bonding agent and as a colorful screen. The facade is replaced by an operable system of openings that allows food to be served both towards the street and the interior bar. The backstage of the eatery is all painted in one homogeneous color in order for the depth to be accentuated towards the interior of the restaurant. The bar countertop and the small tables are cut from a bright local marble that contrasts the roughness of the “bricks and mortar” aesthetic of the base. 

Sofia Krimizi, Kyriakos Kyriakou, Evaggelos Evaggelou, Aggeliki Sykiotis. Photography: Vassilis Makris