temporary pavilion at Socrates Sculpture park, Queens, NY, 2013

“Fence” embraces the aesthetics of the preparatory, the potential of the temporary and the dynamics of the interim. “Fence” is an attempt to conceal the view at the very end of the park, while simultaneously hidding itself within the surrounding landscape.

“Fence” has a translucent 150’ long vertical perimeter wall shaping a triangle across the north edge of the park. A wall of exactly the same material and length is developed inside the triangle forming 4 different rooms around an existing tree. The interior wall is strategically tilted to further diversify the interior space, occasionally meeting the perimeter, but always allowing for a circulation space between the perimeter wall and the rooms.

“Fence” works like a large scale nautilus removing the architectural guild connected to form and sculpture. Interior and exterior clash against each other and of course against the landscape only to provide a series of spatial experiences guided and directed by light and views. If the definition of the folly lies in the eyes of the beholder “Fence” becomes invisible in an extreme act of camouflage in order to create an interior world carved from, but infiltrated by the landscape of the park or eventually the city itself.

“Fence” is a folly.

Sofia Krimizi, Kyriakos Kyriakou