Faliro pier, Athens, Greece, 2012

U-Topos proposes a constructed “place”, a new “Land-” and a new “-mark”. Located at the extension of a major street, towards the water, the site is the last- or the first- plaza of the city. In an attempt to optimize climatic conditions, direct views and support events, while developing an iconic identity U-Topos bends the given square platform to a “U” shape, a shell, an empty vessel, a container.


The shell deriving from the hybrid form of a ship and a theater can host a variety of events. A sitting area develops on one side of the curve, facing a large cut that serves as a stage and connects the interior of the shell with its exterior counterpart. A flying ring ties up the perimeter of the structure at the top performing also as an observation deck.

The main stair squeezed under the underbelly of the shell closer to the water, violently dissects its surface towards the top to offer a diagonal cross-section experience throughout the event spaces, being wide enough to double as seating area. An enclosed exhibition / recreation space is placed between the shell and the stair hosting the necessary indoor functions with a view to the sunset over Piraeus.

The superimposition of architectural elements, produces a collection of hybrid spaces open to interpretation, as they are not assigned a singular function. In that sense U-Topos can simultaneously be a plaza, a stage, a frame and a spectacle, but never just one of the above.

Sofia Krimizi, Kyriakos Kyriakou. Consultants: Costandis Kizis. Assistants: Afrodite Lyroudia, Margarita Malliri, Jennifer Endozo, Yubi Park. Renderings: Huy Dao. Structural Engineer: Phaedon Karydakis. MEP Engineer: Christos Zombolas.