Live / Work space, Athens, Greece, 2017

A typical Athenian apartment with double exposure to the Lycabettus mount and downtown Athens is converted to a live Рwork space. After the removal of all existing partitions, the roughly square plan is split in two. Half of it is left empty and dedicated to working while the other half is subdivided to 6 smaller entities: entry zone, cooking zone, bathing zone, sleeping zone, eating zone and reading zone. All components are sitting on a patchwork of original floors that have now been restored. Movable partitions are placed strategically to allow functions to isolate or mix and enable  cross views and ventilation also facilitating potential expansion of uses in the future as working can take over living or living take over working.

Sofia Krimizi, Kyriakos Kyriakou. MEP: TEAM Consulting Engineers. Construction Managment: Yannis Kitanis. Photography: Yorgis Yerolympos