Department store renovation, Athens, Greece, 2008

In the early 80’s, MINION was the first department store to open in Athens. For a long period of time it was a place of significance, a destination that defined downtown and a one of the most important signs of contemporary Athenian urban life.

Several years later and past its decline, MINION is looking to re-establish its identity with a new skin. Given the bluntness of the program inside we decided to honour MINION’s heritage and it’s position in the center of Athens by wrapping it with the map of the city making it inextricably Athenian.  The map is manipulated to become a perforated surface, a lace that has depth and produces an ever-changing image without repetition. Any given square meter of the skin is a unique, inseparable fragment with its own story and identity. At day it shines creating depth and shadow, at night it becomes a veil in front of a glowing volume.

On its re-opening, MINION will claim its long lost role honoring the city that produced it as a unique paradigm. Athens and MINION are so attached as the latter became a critical step for the city to reach its maturity. Now the city as a wrapper will denote MINION’s return to contemporary Athens.

Sofia Krimizi, Kyriakos Kyriakou