Apartment renovation, Athens, Greece, 2020

The 1960’s Athenian bourgeois apartment had four great rooms with ample space and daylight and a very dysfunctional dark core fragmented to several tiny rooms with excessive circulation. We performed a subtractive operation, removing all unnecessary partitions, creating new openings for fluid circulation. The rooms at the front and back remained untouched and flexible to be used as bedrooms, living rooms or office spaces. With the use of sliding partitions, all spaces can connect or isolate according to the desires of the user. The entrance gallery, painted peach pink, acts as a spine for the apartment fusing all functions together, including the kitchen which is split in two galleys: one large storage wall and one extra long work surface. It ends at a large glass block window which illuminates the space during daytime and night. 

Sofia Krimizi, Kyriakos Kyriakou, Federica Scalise, Maria Amador, Evaggelos Evaggelou, Aggeliki Sykiotis. Photography: Margarita Nikitaki